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Creation Chart





In the Beginning created God (AZ) the Heavens and the Earth.

B'Rsheet                bera      Eloheem       ET      H'Shmieem    vaet     H'Eretz.

To create anything, you need 3 things; TIME, SPACE, & MATERIALS.

The word "bera" from the Hebrew means to create from nothing.

The word "ET" (Aleph Tav) from the Hebrew is used through out the Old Testament to correct the grammar.

It is the first and last letter of the alphabet. When Jesus said "I AM the Alpha and Omega", in the Hebrew that would have been the Aleph Tav.

The Problem with the Gap Theory


And the Earth was Void and Formless and Darkness was upon the face of the of the deep.

 Va    H'Eretz   hayatah   Tohu va Vohu       va    Hoshek               elpaneh            Tahoem.       

Aval                    Nihaytah   

But the Earth became Void and Formless and Darkness was upon the face of the of the deep.

Gap Theory Translation

Just because words have the same root, does not allow you to change the word

When God said "Let there be Light" He created the entire spectrum both seen and unseen.


The visible part of the Light spectrum is just a small part of what God created when He created Light.





Twin Heavens

Third Heavens

God separated the waters from above the Heavens from the waters below, creating a water canopy over the earth.


The High Light band waves would have been refracted off the water canopy, extending life.


When God brought forth the land, it was singular(one land mass). This is backed up later in Genesis where it tells you after the flood the lands were divided. Scientists call this Pangea. There is a chasm in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

On the fourth day God created the stars, the sun, and the moon. He created them for signs and for seasons. The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The 12 star signs that orbit our equator make up what we call the Zodiac. They also corresponded to the 12 banners that the 12 tribes of Israel carried in the same order around the Tabernacle.

Also if you took the summer, spring, winter, and fall equinoxes from the zodiac, they correspond to the faces of the four cherubim around His throne. The Bible tells us that the earth is His foot stool and in Isaiah; that there are 2 Seriphim over the throne. Seriphim translates from the Hebrew "fiery flying serpents". The star sign directly over the North pole is Draco the Dragon (see seriphim charts)

The secret of the Sphinx is that its Virgo the virgin showing fertility (virgin Birth) on the body of Leo (the lion of the tribe of Judah) Showing where the star signs start and end.

The lay out of the constellations tell the good news of salvation to mankind. Most people don't even think about the fact La Crux (the cross) was a contellation before the Romans ever invented crucifixion.

On the 5th day God created the fishes and the birds. But it goes on to say He created the "Taneem", some translations say "the dragon in the sea" some say "the great sea monster" and some say "the great whale". But if you look at the other uses of that name in scripture He ties it directly to "Leviathan" (Levi-ya-Tan). 

5th Day of creation

Gen.1:21 So God created the great dragon in the sea, and every living thing which moves in the waters.


Psa.74:13-14 .....You broke the heads of the sea serpents in the waters,You broke the heads of Leviathan in pieces.


Isa.27:1 In that Day, the LORD with His severe sword, great and strong, will punish Leviathan the fleeing serpent, Leviathan the twisted serpent; and He will slay the dragon that is in the sea.


Eze.29:3 ...."Behold I AM against you Pharoah king of Egypt, O great monster who lies in the midst of the river.


Compare with:


Job 41:



Notice-Job 41:34

It turns out that the word dragon originated from Dagon the fish God who got renamed Posiedon and Neptune and carried the trdent from the Jewish Tabernacle that was used to turn the sacrafice. This was also Capricorn the goat-fish, Draco the dragon, Hydra the multiheaded serpent, Septa the sea monster and the serpent who tries to get Corona (the crown). See Seriphim chart.

Coming soon Evolution vs Creation

The Sabbath Day of the LORD


A day with the Lord is as a thousand years

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 Adam           Enoch           Abram          Isreal            Temple          1st                 1st                  2nd

created      Translated      Canaan       divided         destroyed    crusade     ressurrection     ressurrection

man's             flood            Israel            Israel's        dark             church            Millinium              new Heaven

  fall                                                           fall            ages            divided            Kingdom             & new Earth

1=Unity         2=witness      3=God          4=world       5=grace        6=man           7=perfect             8=renewal

1                   1013              2053          3000               4006           5035               6000                 7000

circa                  circa

3936 BC         2923 BC        1883 BC      936 BC          70 AD         1099 AD         2064 AD            3064 AD

circa                  circa

age of man                         age of Israel                    age of church                  age of Messiah

The Hebrew word ARK simply means BOX. There was no rudder or sail, it only needed to float.

This map from 1730 AD shows the location of the ark as a landmark.

More charts coming!