Tower of Babel


The throne in Heaven

The Trinity is a difficult concept for most people to wrap their minds around, because we think in terms of what we see.

When you recognize the fact that God has more dimensions of space and time than just the 4 dimensions we tend to think in, it makes more sense that God is omnipresent and that this plural God is singular. We tend to look at life in 3 dimensions of space and one dimension of time that travels forward and is linear. But God is not limited to 1 dimension of time or He would not be 1 God who is omnipresent. The chart above on the left depicts 2 dimensions of time; one of length and one of height. If time has just 2 dimensions, then within every moment of time there is an infinite amount of time. Paper is only 2 dimesional, and so you can only show 2 dimensions at a time. I attempt to simulate 3 dimensions of time in the diagram on the right, in which it implies that time has depth as well . If you'll notice I place God above time, at which point He can not only see the past, the present, and the future all at the same time but effect them all simultaneously.

Cherubim is the plural of cherub. Above I try to show the difference between the discription of the cherubim described in Ezekiel with the description that John gives in the Revelation of Jesus. If they appear the same on earth as in Heaven, this is a possible explanation to the differences. The wings being raised would cover the view of the other faces. I tend to suspect though, that Heaven existing in another dimensional plane paralel to ours that they appear differently there. For example when John saw Jesus in Heaven He appeared as a lamb that was slain, with 7 eyes and 7 horns. Seven is the number of perfection and horns represent power in the same way eyes are how we percieve things so they represent wisdom. This is picturing Jesus with perfect power and perfect wisdom. In Ezekiel, the cherubim are depicted with 4 wings and 4 faces. The number four is the signature of the Earth, depicting our four seasons and 4 corners giving us 4 directions; East, West, North, and South.

The seraphim translates from the Hebrew "fiery flying serpents". Once again it is the plural for seraph.  The throne is described in Isaiah as having 2 seraphim over the throne, they are the covering cherubs. The top picture is done from the description in Isaiah. In the torah the seraphim are the ones that are biting the Israelites and they're dying until they make a bronze serpent that they put on a pole and look up to it. That bronze serpent was destroyed by Hezekiah later when the people started worshipping it as "Nacash-Tan"(serpent-dragon). It later became the symbol for the worship of Aesclepius(the worship of the knowledge of healing) which is how we got it for our symbol for the medical today. See taneem chart in creation charts on Day 5.

The Tower of Babel

Above is what's left of the Tower of Babel in Iraq today. King Nebuchadnezzar rebuilt off the origional foundation and documented that information that the temple of Marduk was built off the origional foundation.

The foundation identifies it as a ziggurat and scripture tells us that "they burned the bricks thoroughly". Normally you wouldn't give that statement much thought, but when you examine all the pyramids around the world they have unique common traits. There are floors where they burned the bricks so intensly that they crystalized, becoming semi-conductors. If you read the story in the Bible about the Tower of Babel 

Above is a cut section of the Temple of Marduk

The heavens declare the glory of God

On the fourth day God created the stars, the sun, and the moon. He created them for signs and for seasons. The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The 12 star signs that orbit our equator make up what we call the Zodiac. They also corresponded to the 12 banners that the 12 tribes of Israel carried in the same order around the Tabernacle.

Also if you took the summer, spring, winter, and fall equinoxes from the zodiac, they correspond to the faces of the four cherubim around His throne. The Bible tells us that the earth is His foot stool and in Isaiah; that there are 2 Seriphim over the throne. Seriphim translates from the Hebrew "fiery flying serpents". The star sign directly over the North pole is Draco the Dragon (see seriphim charts)

The secret of the Sphinx is that its Virgo the virgin showing fertility (virgin Birth) on the body of Leo (the lion of the tribe of Judah)

The lay out of the constellations tell the good news of salvation to mankind. Most people don't even think about the fact La Crux (the cross) was a contellation before the Romans ever invented crucifixion.

The Tabernacles on Earth were modeled after the one in Heaven.