• My First Poem

    My 1st Poem- written in 1979 at a time of great sadness The devil taunts me, picking at the scabs of my wounded heart. You were the last of my dreams and that's the saddest part. I'm a child of God, but my life seems a tatter, the fact I'll live forever, doesn't seem to matter. Right now I wish that I could scream, for what is eternal life without eternal dreams. I see my dreams above my head, falling from the sky. I reach out to catch my dreams, then I start to cry. I know I have no right to ask, but still I ask you why? Lord and Father, Why did I have to watch my dreams die!
  • My Favorite Poem

    My favorite Poem- written the 1st time I fell head over heals in love & had to walk away I dreamt you were my princess and I was your shinning knight, coming to your rescue, with my sword of light. You called for me to comfort you, on a lonely night, understanding the pain you felt, was the dragon I did fight. I opened up my heart that night, and a dragon I did slay, I still suffer from the wounds, of the price I had to pay. Now I run from dragons, but they're not the scary part, for it was the princess behind the dragon who truly broke my heart!