Tent of Meeting

Solomon's Temple

Zerrubabel's Temple

Herod's Temple

Trib Temple

Ezekiel's Temple

Cut-section drawing of the Tent of Meeting that Moses built.

The 12 tribes of Israel were commanded specific locations for their tribes around the Tent of Meeting.

see Mazzaloth charts on Day 4 in the Creation charts.

The USA was founded on religeous freedom.

Tribulation Temple

This is the Temple that the book of Daniel prophesied about. There will be a peace pact set for 7 years, but three and a half years into it, the Desolation of Abomination will occur. The Temple is done off of the blue prints in Jerusalem, they have been working on preparing for currently.

Ezekiel's Temple

Ezekiel prophesied of a future Temple that would be here during the Prince's reign for a thousand years.