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70th Week

of Daniel

The seraphim translates from the Hebrew "fiery flying serpents". Once again it is the plural for seraph.  The throne is described in Isaiah as having 2 seraphim over the throne, they are the covering cherubs. The top picture is done from the description in Isaiah. In the torah the seraphim are the ones that are biting the Israelites and they're dying until they make a bronze serpent that they put on a pole and look up to it. That bronze serpent was destroyed by Hezekiah later when the people started worshipping it as "Nacash-Tan"(serpent-dragon). It later became the symbol for the worship of Aesclepius(the worship of the knowledge of healing) which is how we got it for our symbol for the medical today. See taneem chart in creation charts on Day 5.

The Tabernacles on Earth were modeled after the one in Heaven.